Congratulations to all our teams for their hard work and we look forward to all our members who participate in our upcoming 2022 Winter Season.

Grand Final winners

Under 8 Super Strikers

Under 10 Burra Boyz

Under 11 Panthers

Under 12 Minion Mayhem

Under 14 Wild Goats
Game was a tie at full-time. 10 minutes over time. Wild Goats scoring in the final 3 minutes of over time for the win

Sorenson medal

Under 8 Brax Palmer

Under 10 Declan Titlow

Under 11 Corey Mazzer

Under 12 Khy Allen

Under 14 Mason Cardew

Players of the Grand final

Under 8 Austin Turner

Under 10 Ethan Hill

Under 11 Liam Cox

Under 12 Phoenix Crocker

Under 14 Archie Evans

Referee of the season

Lachlan Smith