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The home of Futsal on the Atherton Tableland with players from Atherton, Mareeba, Malanda, Yungaburra, Tolga, Herberton, Millaa Millaa and the surrounding areas. 'Futsal' is an abbreviation of the Portuguese 'futebol de salao' or the Spanish 'futbol sala' meaning ,literally, football in a room or indoor football. The sport's origins are vague but it is known that it developed in Brasil from the 1930s. Indoor soccer was introduced to Australia by Mrs Dawn Gillespie in 1971 during a particularly wet winter and was played in YMCAs. In 1977 the Australian Indoor Soccer Association  (AISA) was formed and in 1979 began to play Read More...

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Nationals Withdrawals leave Tableland Players out ...

After conducting the trials in Edmonton, NQ Futsal selected a number of players, including Tableland players, for the U.12 and U.15 Qld regional team to compete in the Nationals. However, a majority of these players, not including the Tableland players, declined the offer to attend the Nationals. This meant that the training group would have been considerably small and training would be difficult to conduct. Craig Perfect, from NQ Futsal/Qld Regionals, said he hopes to receive a larger response next year to trials as he would certainly like to tap into the talent pool in FNQ. The QLD Read More...

Under 9s

Match Time Court
Mon Feb 2, 2015
   Ratbags has a bye
   Crackers  vs  Young Guns 4:15 pm Court 1

Under 13s

Match Time Court
Mon Feb 2, 2015
   FCB  vs  Gideonites 4:15 pm Court 2
   Rainbow Runners  vs  Cyclones 5:00 pm Court 1
   Ball Busters  vs  Blue Thunder 5:00 pm Court 2
   Gideonites  vs  Red Bellies 5:50 pm Court 2

Under 15s

Match Time Court
Mon Feb 2, 2015
   Footloose has a bye
   Bombers  vs  Hornets 5:50 pm Court 1
   Fat Cows  vs  Risk Everything 6:40 pm Court 1


Match Time Court
Wed Jan 28, 2015
   Oh Deere has a bye
   E-Lemonaters  vs  Black Eagles 6:50 pm Court 1
   Master Batters  vs  San Siro 6:50 pm Court 2
   Multiple Scoregasms  vs  Sweet Chillies 7:40 pm Court 2
   Aftershock  vs  N/A 7:40 pm Court 1
   Razorbacks  vs  OFAB 8:30 pm Court 1


Match Time Court
Wed Jan 28, 2015
   Test Eagles has a bye
   Pound Town  vs  XNXX 6:00 pm Court 1
   Cudamental F.C.  vs  Horny Eagles All Stars 6:00 pm Court 2

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Team work

Futsal Dribbling Tutorial

1 v 1 Defending Futsal Skills

Football Queensland Futsal Coaching Certificate Course

Spain vs Brazil - FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012 Final Read More...

Tactical Training - Offensive Plays

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