TFC Rules and By-Laws

1) Eligibility

1.1Club matches will be conducted and governed by the current FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game and TFC by-laws.
1.2To be eligible to play in Tableland Futsal Club (the Club) fixtures and tournaments, players must be registered with and have fully paid the registration fee for the current season. Players are responsible for ensuring they are registered and all fees, including the Game Fee, are paid in full.
1.3Game fees must be paid in full within two weeks of the draw starting.  If not paid, games will be forfeit and a 4-0 win recorded to the opponent until paid in full.
1.4Only players whose names appear on the official game sheet are eligible to play. A minimum of three (3) players is required to start a game and a maximum of twelve (12) players per team allowed on the game sheet. In the course of the game there must be no less than three (3) players on the court at any given time, otherwise a forfeit will occur.
1.5Players and Teams are required to nominate in a division relevant to their skill level.Within each division a player can only play in one team.This will be supervised by the Club Committee and they reserve the right to re-allocate a player or team to an appropriate divison.
1.6If a team plays an ineligible player, that team will forfeit all games in which that player has played and the result will be recorded as a 4-0 win to the opponent.
1.7If required, all teams must fill in the official game sheet at least five (5) minutes prior to scheduled kick-off time.
1.8The game will start on time. The referee will start the clock at the scheduled time of kick off regardless of whether teams are ready to play or not.The team that is not ready to play will be penalised one goal for every minute the game is delayed up to a maximum of four (4) goalsIf a team is not ready to play, including signing-on (if required) and being registered, within five (5) minutes of the official kick off time, the match will be deemed a forfeit and the result will be a 4-0 win to the opponent.

2) Point Scoring

2.1Match points
Win 3 points
Draw 1 point
Bye 0 points
Forfeit 3 points and scored 4-0 awarded to opponent
2.2There will be no refund of game fees for forfeited games.