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Let’s get the ball rolling with referee qualifications. The course has been trimmed from a ridiculous two days to a respectable 5-6 hours. Send me (Larry at your name, age, suburb and postcode if you are interested and I will do a bulk Expression of Interest in an attempt to get a course organised in Atherton. All current refs are encouraged to do the course, even those under 13 – I’ll see if we can get you included – I know underage have been included in the FQ soccer ref courses. TFC has received funding for a ref course so the club should be able to cover costs.

Once a course has been organised, these are the steps to follow  and you will be on your way to being a match official!

  1. Take the online Laws of the Game test (FREE).
    This is a free online training module which provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations. Successful candidates will receive a certificate identifying they have demonstrated awareness in the Laws of the Game, and have the necessary knowledge to attend the Level 4 Referee course. The online test takes roughly 45 mins.
  2. Register for a Level 4 Referee course (FREE). TFC should be able to organise this. 
    Level 4 is the entry level course that will build on your knowledge gained from the Laws of the Game test. The course runs for 5-6 hours and there is no assessment required. You must be a minimum of 13 years old to attend.
  3. Receive your 2017 Referee hand book.
    At your Level 4 Referee course you will receive your step by step guide to refereeing in Queensland. From the course to the pitch, you will be walked through registering with a zone to taking charge of your first match.

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