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Some Rule Revision – Kick-ins, Fill-in player/s & Goalkeeper

Finals are almost upon us so here is some revision of some of the rules that need more awareness.

1. Kick-ins.

The kicker’s foot not kicking the ball must be outside or at least on the touchline; if it crosses the touchline all of the way, into the pitch, the kick-in is given to the opposing team.

The kick-in must be taken within 4 seconds; if it is not, the kick-in is given to the opposing team.

The kicker cannot play the ball a second time until it has been played by another player; infringement of this rule entail an indirect free kick to the opposing from the point of infringement.

Players on opposing team must be at least 3 m away from point of kick-in.

Also kick-ins are to be taken from where or close to where the ball went out – not some distance up or down the court which is disadvantage to the opposing team.

2. Fill-in Players

7.1 The team requiring a Fill-in player must seek permission from the opposing team for that player to play. If permission is not given, the undermanned team can choose to play short a player or players, or forfeit and play a ‘friendly’.  A team can play with a minimum of 3 players.

7.2 Permission must be given by the opposing team for the fill-in player to score. If permission is not granted then any score by the fill-in player is not recognised and a goal-throw is awarded to the opposing team.

7.3 Fill-in players must notify the Games Manager and/or referee that they are playing for a particular team and must wear either an identically or similar coloured shirt or bib as the team they are filling in for, or a bib of a different colour to the opposition team strip. However, once a player has played three games for a team and wishes to continue playing with that team, they will be deemed a member of the team and must comply with the uniform requirement

7.4 Fill-in players cannot play in a team that has five players present. Fill-ins can only play for teams with less than five players and cannot act as substitutes. Once a team has five players (e.g., latecomers arrive), the Fill-in player must leave the court.

3. Some goalkeeper revision

  • The ball is not in play until it has passed outside of the penalty area. If the goal clearance is received inside of the penalty area, the goal clearance shall be taken over.
  • Goalkeeper cannot pick up or touch with his hands a backpass
  • Goalkeeper cannot pick up or touch with his hands a kick-in from a teammate
  • Goalkeeper cannot control the ball with any part of his body for more than 4 seconds
  • Goalkeeper cannot touch with any part of his body a backpass that has been played back to him before the ball has (1) crossed the halfway-line or (2) been touched by an opponent

The Goalkeeper may receive the ball in play and kick (drop or punt) the ball back into play from within the D. The ball does not have to be touched by another player to score

If a goalkeeper commits one of the above fouls in the D then it is an indirect free kick from the edge of the D closest to where the offence occurred.

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