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Futsal Club rescued!

People have come forward to form a new committee and Co-Game Managers have been appointed.

The new Committee is Maryanne Cortis (President re-elect), Bec Jones (Secretary), Leanne Hales (Treasurer and Registrar) and Nicole Ross (Committee member).

The newly appointed Game Managers are Dayna and Cooper Watson.

Ideally, we would like to see more ordinary committee members on the committee to offer more ideas and greater diversity in opinion when dealing with matters that affect the Club. Please contact Bec Jones (Details under CONTACT US on Home Page).

Registration for the Summer Season will be set up shortly but please delay registering as a player until after the Sign-on on Wednesday October 6th when team compositions and grades will be better known. Teams are welcome to submit Team Nomination Forms (on Home Page) to Bec from now on.

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