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Tableland Futsal to close…unless

The Tableland Futsal Club will close on September 15th at the end of this Winter season unless a new Committee is formed with nominations received and accepted by the nominees by midnight Sunday August 22.

No nominations for office bearers or ordinary committee members were received at the Annual General Meeting held on August 3rd. Only the President, Secretary and Treasurer/Games Manager attended. The past committee will continue operations to see out the Winter season.

Any person wishing to nominate and accept an Executive or ordinary committee position please email Kim at In the event of multiple candidates for any one of the Executive positions, a special meeting will be called to allow candidates to speak and a vote taken.

Executive positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Ordinary Committee positions are unlimited. The Club will need a new Registrar and Website Manager which can be filled by Executive or ordinary committee members.

Please join in – help run the Club.


Keep in mind that if the Club continues a new Games Manager (GM) is required. The Club will advertise once a committee is formed. We’d hoped the position would be advertised sooner by an incoming committee. The GM is responsible for setting up and packing up on Mondays from 3.30pm and Wednesdays from 5pm, for organising the draw for the futsal season, producing Game Sheets for each games night, organising referees for each games night and posting results on the TFC website amongst a few other items re the website. There is a remuneration package.

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