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Rule change and clarifications of fouls Nationals and Gold Coast Cup

A chat with Craig Perfect of NQ Football re any rule and foul changes revealed the following:

Rule change: Kick-off. The kick-off has been brougt into line with soccer. You can kick off in any direction. You no longer have to kick forward of the line. However the rule remains that the kicker cannot play the ball a second time until it has been played by another player. An infringement of this rule will entail an indirect free kick to the opposing team from the point of infringement.

Foul clarifications:

  1. Sliding: You can slide to alter the course of the ball, eg, preventing a goal. However, a foul is committed if as a result of the slide you contact or impede an opponent.
  2. Unsporting behaviour. It is considered unsporting behaviour, and therefore a foul, if you flick the ball up into your shirt and run with it. Apparently, this happens in Townsville. The same applies to deliberately hopping with the ball wedged between your feet.
  3. Fending off:. You can extend your arm or use an elbow to maintain a distance between you and an opponent. A foul is committed if you use that arm to push away or grab your opponent or use your elbow to push away an opponent.

NATIONALS: Craig is no longer organising a regional team for next January’s Nationals in Canberra. Those who want to try for it should contact Trevor Edwards in Brisbane re a team to

GOLD COAST INTERNATIONAL CUP ( formerly Craig Foster Cup). Teams or players interested in competing in January should chat to Larry. For more info:

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