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The home of Futsal on the tropical Far North Queensland Tablelands. Futsal is the World Game indoors. 'Futsal' is an abbreviation of the Portuguese 'futebol de salao' or the Spanish 'futbol sala' meaning ,literally, football in a room or indoor football. The sport's origins are vague but it is generally accepted that the first organised game dates back to 1930 in Montevideo in Uruguay, the year that Uruguay hosted the first FIFA World Cup. An Argentine coach, Juan Carlos Ceriani, tired of rain soaked pitches and cancelled training sessions, bought the game inside for the first time. Juan Carlos put together Read More...

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WARNING to unregistered and unfinancial players

Those who have not completed registration and/or paid fees (61 at the last count) will not be permitted onto the court.This is a Football Queensland directive as well as a health and safety issue. Go to to register and pay fee. Instructions can be found under FFA Registration on the home page  ( If you have regsitered and are yet to pay fees, please pay via online banking. Use your surname and first initial as the reference. Details are: Bank: Qld Country Bank BSB:704640 Account: 22065999 First game for Mixed and Mens is January 27th. Juniors 1st February. There is also a 11/12 and Read More...

Next Games

Under 8s

Match Time Court
Mon Feb 1, 2021
   Pea Shooters  vs  Malanda Hornets 4:15 pm Court 1
   Yungaburra 'Yung Guns'  vs  The Super Sonics 4:15 pm Court 2
   Cobra  vs  Super Rascals 5:00 pm Court 1

Under 9/10s

Match Time Court
Mon Feb 1, 2021
   Fireballs (10)  vs  has a bye
   Burra Boys (9)  vs  Joeys (10) 5:00 pm Court 2
   Dingo Demons (9)  vs  Bin Chickens (9) 5:50 pm Court 1
   Malanda Queen Bees (10)  vs  Eagles (9) 5:50 pm Court 2

Under 13/14s

Match Time Court
Wed Jan 27, 2021
   Gladiators(13)  vs  Ninja Knights(14) 5:15 pm Court 2


Match Time Court
Wed Jan 27, 2021
   Skeletors Matadors  vs  has hall duty
   Dirty Reds  vs  has a bye
   Destiny F.C.  vs  O.Gs 6:50 pm Court 1
   Spare Parts  vs  All 4 Fun 6:50 pm Court 2
   Skeletors Matadors  vs  Chix United 8:30 pm Court 1


Match Time Court
Wed Jan 27, 2021
   J-Dacz-crew  vs  The Josh Webb's 6:00 pm Court 1
   Roma  vs  Hot Favourites 6:00 pm Court 2
   Tolga Boys  vs  Eagle 7:40 pm Court 1
   Howe  vs  Atherton FC Rejects 7:40 pm Court 2

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Team work

Futsal Dribbling Tutorial

1 v 1 Defending Futsal Skills

Football Queensland Futsal Coaching Certificate Course

Spain vs Brazil - FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012 Final Read More...

Tactical Training - Offensive Plays

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